High Carbs Could Cause Cancer

Reducing carbohydrate isn’t just about losing weight, it might help prevent cancer.

A New York cancer researcher has given sobering insight into the dangers of carbohydrate in a recent interview by Diet Doctor’s Andreas Eenfeldt. Professor Eugene J. Fine from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine said not only does carbohydrate make us fat, it creates conditions in our bodies which could be leading to cancer. This is in agreement with previous Xndo research detailed in the 2008 book War on Weight

“There is a lot of evidence and data that supports the idea that many cancers are related to, among other things, obesity, high insulin levels, high glucose levels in the blood,” he said.

“High carb diets are pro inflammatory, and the inflammatory state predisposes to cancer. There is an association of maybe 100 thousand cancers a year in the United States with all of these factors, particularly obesity.

“Obesity doesn’t happen by itself. Most obesity can be traced in my opinion to high insulin levels in our blood that are driven by diets excessively high in carbohydrates.”

Prof. Fine goes on to say that 90 percent of the carbs we eat are sugars or starch that digests to sugars. It is sugar that causes our bodies to produce insulin. This is a normal  process, but when pressured by a diet heavy in carbohydrate insulin itself becomes a destructive force.

“The insulin turns around and bites us because it pushes both glucose and fatty acids right into our fat cells, making us fat.

“Insulin also inhibits the breakdown of fat. So insulin, driven basically by excess carbohydrate, makes us fat and it keeps us fat.”

See a video of the full interview at Diet Doctor.


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